Baby Care Gift

Himalaya Baby Care Gift Pack


  • Gentle baby shampoo consisting of hibiscus and chickpea and which is mild enough to soften, nourish and improve your baby’s hair luster.
  • Gentle baby soap consisting of oils of almond and olive and which cleanses and moisturizes your baby’s skin gently.
  • Baby powder consisting of ushira (khuskhus) which keeps your baby fresh, cool and happy.


BabyCare Gift

Giving a little one complete care is essential and most parents requires a set of things on a daily basis. This Himalaya Baby Care Gift Jar can be gifted to new parents to make their daily chores easier. Baby soap leaves the skin soft and hydrated This baby soap ensures that your little ones skin becomes soft and hydrated. Baby shampoo nourishes and improves baby’s hair lustre Making sure your little ones hair improves and the lustre remains the same is the nourishment the baby shampoo provides. Baby powder keeps cool and fresh Keeping your baby fresh and cool is the baby powder which comes in this gift box. Diaper Rash Cream forms protective layer Rashes are an issue when it comes to babies, the diaper rash cream forms a protective layer which prevents allergies.


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